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EE - We Don't PvP. Just Ask C-Rom

StarsiderStaypuff, Jan 30, 11 10:05 PM.


Some nutjob on the forums once again does not know what we do as EE. To all of the Imps following along with us tonight, we thank you. To all in EE who helped in this (more than in this group) we thank you. It was a fun fight, it was a fair fight. Also, thank you to the rebels for putting up a great fight as well.

Lets keep this up.


Upcoming Activities

StarsiderStaypuff, Jan 15, 11 7:48 AM.
Ladies and Gentlemen of EE,

It's been awhile since I posted here. It should not be so long again in the future. Here's what's on tap and what's been going on.

Sa'On iis running a Thursday Space Night. She needs anyone and everyone who needs to grind up, finish Nova Orion, and any other space activities. Her intention is to help out anyone needing a hand there. I know too that she has projects she's trying to wrap up too, so if you can lend her a hand, I know she'd be immensely greatful. Check with her for any upcoming goings on with Space.

Invidious has begun a Saturday Night Instances run. He wants to get anyone in EE that needs them into a string of heroics. I sent a guild letter around care of him the other night, but please do not respond to me, respond to him :-). If there are not enough EE, he will fill it in with outsiders, so there's no reason heroics cannot happen in some form. I can't thank him enough for stepping up and taking this by the horns a bit.

As usual, Goji is willing to help with anything TCG. If you need help getting educated, or want to run in the tournaments or sprints, talk with him. There are others whom he has educated as well, and there is a great section of our EE community taking part in the TCG.

Finally, there is a post on the forums asking about free nights, and what you like to do. I am hoping to get more feedback. With some strong feedback, and some initiative from members, we can hopefully get something new going on every night. Hope to see you all put in your two cents there.

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